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Ondrej Svoboda - Shrimp.sk
Športová 331/3
013 03 Varín
tel: +421 908 496 234
IČO: 41561945
DIČ: 1070875212


naša cena 1,80 EUR
na sklade
naša cena 18,00 EUR
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naša cena 2,50 EUR
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Transport to EU
Transport to EU


transport to EU


Animals are dispatched in special shipping boxes with Heatpack to almost all European Union countries. We provide express transport by air with delivery in 1-2 working days. All animals which can be purchased in our eshop are available on stock.

box for shrimps

Special shipping box

Our boxes are very resistant and we can easily transport shrimps, crabs (crawfish) and snails throughout the year (except for freezing temeratures below -15° C). 6 cm thick thermobox is placed in a cardboard cover. The box is very solid, impact-resistant and can withstand load up to 70 kg. In the box is also placed up to 72 hours Heatpack. Animals are packed very carefully.


Price and Weight of shipments

For shipment quotation is relevant it`s weight. Please be noticed that the Heatpack box weights about 0.8 kg. The weight of shipment is up to 2.5 kg with standard orders. Larger orders can be divided to several boxes.

Pricelist of
Transport in Europe
EU Zone 1 EU Zone 2 EU Zone 3 EU Zone 4
Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweeden
up to 2,5 kg 60 € 75 € 100 € 110 €
up to 5 kg 88 € 105 € 145 € 154 €
up to 10 kg 130 € 160 € 190 € 210 €



Payment can be realized by Paypal. Please wait for a confirmation of estimated shipment weight and transport price before payment. The price can be possibly reduced or increased. The exact price and estimated delivery date is announced before paying. We will notice you about serious risks during transport beforehand and in this case your order can be canceled.


Order dispatch

If the order is paid until 17:00 is usually dispatched next working day. Considering the transport duration 1-2 days we dispatch orders from Monday to Wednesday to make sure that transport will take the shortest time. After this manner we provide the most suitable conditions for animals to come safely.


Please feel free to email us at info@shrimp.sk if you need a help with your order or more information.